One person can make a difference in the lives of others.

Cellist and teacher Lev Aronson proved it. After surviving the death camps, he turned his life from darkness to light. A student of the legendary Gregor Piatigorsky, Maestro Aronson became one of the greatest teachers in music history. He transformed so many lives molding the musical abilities and inspiring the human qualities of his students into caring, brilliant leaders—and in many cases into world class artists.   But, it’s in the way that he did it that left a lasting impression—sharing compassion, generosity, humanity and wisdom. In the words of one of his prolific students, “He became our father.”

Mr. Aronson would often remind his students, "You will remember what I told you in this lesson four or five years from now."  

The memory and legacy of this dynamic thinker lives on in the playing and teaching of renowned cellists like Ralph Kirshbaum (an acclaimed soloist, recording artist and the Gregor Piatigorsky Chair at USC where he runs the strings department), Lynn Harrell (a leading recording artist and soloist), Christopher Adkins (principal cellist of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra), John Sharp (principal cellist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Mitchell Maxwell (principal cellist of the Dallas Opera Orchestra), Brian Thornton (a respected recording artist and member of the Cleveland Orchestra) and many other musicians who have attained the rank of soloist and principal cellist of some of the world's greatest symphony orchestras.

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