Aronson Cello Festival (ACF)

Making the world a better place through music.™

Our Vision

An organization dedicated to the enduring traditions of classical music while daring to dream about the future of the art form.

People. A team of experts from diverse careers in classical music with decades of experience and leadership.

Opportunity. Dedicated to achieve results in a time of rapid change—making classical music fun, relevant and thought provoking.

Context. To be recognized worldwide for our standards of artistic integrity, ingenuity, problem solving and compassion. To play well with others.

Deal. To create innovative and cost effective solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit and bold outlook—making the most with scarce resources.

Our Mission

To honor the teachings, philosophy and history of the teacher and cellist Lev Aronson.

To support, maintain, and advance knowledge in classical music.

To bring together exceptional teachers, artists, students and thinkers who strive to honor traditions and push boundaries.

To provide diverse educational opportunities.

To build a broad and knowledgeable audience of all ages for classical music, modern music and any form of artistic expression related to music.